Wildland Fire Management

Firefighter standing in front of a forest fire

Wildland fire management in Colorado is a cooperative, interagency partnership between local, county, state, tribal, and federal entities.  As the lead state agency for fire, the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, Wildland Fire Management Section (WFMS) works with local, state, and federal agencies to coordinate wildland fire management on a statewide basis.

DFPC's priority wildland fire mission is to assist and support local agencies and counties with a range of wildfire management programs including administrative, technical, preparedness and planning, funding, response, and prescribed fire functions.  Another key role of WFMS is to coordinate with external partners and represent the State of Colorado at Regional and National levels.   


How Wildfire Works in Colorado 

Wildfire protection responsibilities on non-federal lands in Colorado follow a hierarchy of local jurisdiction, to County Sheriff, and finally to the State of Colorado: The Chief of a Fire Protection District is responsible for fires that occur within the boundaries of his or her district, and that are within their capability to manage. 

It is the duty of the County Sheriff to assume the responsibility for coordinating fire suppression efforts for: fires that occur in the unincorporated area of the county; or for fires that exceed the capabilities of a fire protection district.  Reference C.R.S. 30-10-513(1)(a).

When a wildfire exceeds the capability of the county to control or extinguish, the Sheriff shall request assistance from DFPC (C.R.S. 30-10-513(1)(d)).  The Director of DFPC  may assume any duty or responsibility given to the Sheriff, with concurrence of the Sheriff (C.R.S. 30-10-513(2))

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Fire Management Regions and Staff

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Colorado Mutual Aid System (CMAS)

Colorado Mutual Aid System (CMAS) Plan

Colorado Mutual Aid System (CMAS) Draft Rules

Colorado Mutual Aid System (CMAS) Rulemaking Meeting Flyer

Wildland Fire Logistics Branch

The Wildland Fire Logistics Branch (WFLB) manages and executes logistics operations focused on the requirements of the Division of Fire Prevention & Control.

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Wildland Fire Resource Branch

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DFPC Resource Branch Quick Reference Sheet

Fire Billing: CRRF and Reimbursement

Visit the Colorado Fire Billing System page to download documents needed for reimbursement and Colorado Resource Rate Forms (CRRF) and Guidelines.

Incident Qualifications Systems (IQS)

The Incident Qualification System (IQS) is a web-based software computer program to document qualifications, training, physical fitness levels, and experience of wildland firefighters.

Prescribed Fire Planning and Implementation

Learn about DFPC's Colorado Prescribed Fire program and the Certified Burner Program.

CO-WIMS: Colorado Wildfire Information Management System

Colorado Wildfire Information Management System (CO-WIMS) is a web-based decision-support system that is: accessible to designated personnel on desktop and laptop computers, tablet devices, and smartphones.

Response Assets: Aviation, Ground and Technical Support

Learn about DFPC’s wildfire and all-hazard assets, including aerial and ground resources

Media and Public Inquiries

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Weekly Fire Environment/Weather Brief

The DFPC Fire Intelligence Unit prepares a weekly Fire Environment/Weather Brief 
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