Colorado Fire Incident Reporting System (CFIRS)

Colorado Fire Incident Reporting System (CFIRS)


The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention &, Control manages the Colorado Fire Incident Reporting System (CFIRS) program. CFIRS is an All-Type Incident Reporting System for fire departments to submit their all incident type calls such as fires, EMS, rescue, hazmat, etc. into the CFIRS. CFIRS is a statewide reporting system for tracking all emergency responses on fire departments in Colorado.

Any time fire department resources (personnel/apparatus) leave the station to respond to an incident, it is then reported into their incident reporting software. Fire departments have the opportunity to report their incidents to the Colorado Fire Incident Reporting System.

Once departments report their incidents, they then have the ability to run summary statistical reports for their fire department. It is vital for departments to get credit for services that they provide to their local community, state and their country. By reporting their incidents it will show their community what services they have provided.

When fire departments participate into CFIRS, their incidents are then released and submitted to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), which that information is used for national research study reports.

NFIRS is a standard national reporting system used by fire departments in the United States to report their fire and other incidents that they respond and maintain records of incidents in a uniform manner.

For more information on NFIRS please visit the NFIRS website.

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  1. NFIRS Training Videos
    • Learn How To Create a User Account in eNFIRS
    • Create a Incident Using eNFIRS
    • Create Fire Exposure
    • Incident Search
    • Import Data File Submission
    • Export Data
    • Generate Reports Using SORT or Data Warehouse

     2. Schedule Individual Training (ZOOM or Google Meets)

     3. In Person Classroom Training - visit DPFC Training Site


Options How to Report Your Incidents


Option 1

Create an account in eNFIRS


Option 2

Using Vendor Reporting Software

Option 3

Export your data from your vendor software

Email your data file to Marlinda.Acevedo@state.co.us for processing