Record Management System (RMS)

On February 9, 2016, DFPC deployed a cloud-based Records Management System (RMS) to manage Firefighter certification and testing. The RMS will eventually replace all paper-based Scantron examinations and certifications.

The RMS will also allow Training Officers and Firefighters to access records and certificates and download when needed.

The RMS will send email notifications to Firefighters and Training Officers 90 days before expiration of certificates, and invoice the Agencies for all exams and renewals requested.

If you are not receiving emails fromour system, the address may be blocked click here for information on how to whitelist

Records Management System TLS 1.1 Change Notice, 07182017

If unsure whether your browser is compatible or not, please test it using this link, https://tls1test.salesforce.com

To update your Browser, please verify that your Operating System and Browser are on this list and then follow the directions at the end to update your settings. If you have difficulty with this, please contact us at cdps_dfpc_RMSHelp@state.co.us

Training Officers

Currently, for Training Officers to gain access to the RMS, they must attend training prior to being given a Training Officer username and password. In order to gain access to RMS call DFPC, for phone training, ask for Marianne or Laura. 

If you are a Training Officer and already have access to the RMS, please use this link (cdps.force.com/Certification) to access the RMS.
If you do not remember your username, password or both, please contact Marianne or Laura cdps_dfpc_rmshelp@state.co.us

Firefighters  -  Self Registration

If you are a Firefighter with Certifications through DFPC, and have previously enrolled, you may view your Certifications at cdps.force.com/Certification.

For new users who have not previously enrolled, please complete the click on this link and upon validation, your username and a link to create a password will be emailed to you.

Please note, the information you enter must exactly match your RMS File to be granted access. If you receive an error, please contact your Training Officer for the correct information.

If you do not remember your username, password or both, please email us at cdps_dfpc_rmshelp@state.co.us