Youth Firesetting Intervention

Small child silhouetted by fireYOUTH FIRESETTING INTERVENTION

A child or adolescent has usually started multiple fires, sometimes dozens of fires, that went undetected before setting the fire for which they got caught. Younger children are more likely to set fires at home, and older children and adolescents are more likely to set fires away from home.  

In Colorado, if a fire is set by youth at a school or an event sponsored by a school, the incident must be reported to the local Fire Authority.  In addition, it is required by Colorado law that the incidents be reported to the Division of Fire Prevention and Control. 


If you are a fire department wishing to develop your Youth Firesetting Intervention Program OR wish to contact the DFPC requesting support for a youth who is firesetting, please email us.


Email: Kim.Spuhler@state.co.us