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Proctor Guidelines

Proctors and Assistant Proctors shall not be used as evaluators for skill test areas that they instructed to the candidates of that particular test.

Proctors and Assistant Proctors are required to hold a valid Colorado certification at or above the level of practical examination they are proctoring.

Proctors must return testing materials to the Division of Fire Prevention & Control within 24 hours of the examination date, unless other arrangements have been approved by the Division of Fire Prevention & Control.

PROCTORS MAY NOT REPRODUCE, DUPLICATE, OR COPY TESTING MATERIALS. Any certification issued by the Division, including Proctor certification, may be denied, suspended, summarily suspended, revoked, or limited, for good cause in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, C.R.S. 24-4-101 et seq., as amended. Refer to Section 7, Proceedings Pursuant to Denial, Revocation, Suspension, Annulment, Limitation or Modification of Certification, in the Firefighter Rules for additional information.

Download Practical Exam Proctor Guidelines

Regional Proctors

The Division of Fire Prevention & Control has designated regional proctor coordinators to assist in the administration of state certification written and practical proctor classes. Certified proctors and local fire departments may contact these individuals for scheduling and future class opportunities. Click here to download the Regional Proctor Contact List accordion content

Proctor Class Presentation

Download the Proctor Class Powerpoint presentation for Firefighter

Download the Proctor Class Powerpoint presentation for Driver Operator

Proctor Renewal

You must apply for renewal during the three (3) month period before, or the three (3) month period after your expiration date. The fee for renewal of Proctor certification is the same as for renewal of any other level of certification through the Division of Fire Prevention & Control.

For more information on proctor renewal, please go to page 31 of the Certification Policy and Procedure Manual.

Driver Operator Practical Proctor Resources

Driver Operator Aerial Practical: DOA Skill Sheet

Driver Operator Pumper Practical: DOP Skill Sheet

Driver Operator Practical: DO Skill Sheet

Driver Operator Pumper:  State Pump Chart *NEW*

Driver Operator General Rules *NEW*

Driver Operator JPR-DO1

Driver Operator Pumper JPR-12A

Driver Operator JPRs-5&8

AHJ Requirements for Practical Testing:  AHJ Requirements

Practical Proctor Checklist: Practical Proctor Checklist

Proctor Log:  Proctor Log

State DOP Pump Chart:  State DOP Pump Chart *NEW*

Suggested DO Proctor Materials List:  Suggested DO Proctor Materials List

Practical Request Form

The organization requesting the practical must do so a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled practical examination date. The request for the certified proctor to receive the practical should be done by the coordinator or lead proctor through DFPCs online Records Management System at or contact us!

Attention Proctors: There is a 5:1 ratio (students:proctor) for every examination. If you have more than five (5) students you will need an additional proctor to assist you.

Please be advised that the state certified lead proctor should receive the emailed JPRs no later than 72 hours prior to the evaluation.