State Assistance & State Responsibility Fires

SA vs SR
State Assistance Fires
  • Intended to encourage rapid initial attack actions where fire is unwanted to reduce the size, duration, costs, and impacts of wildfires.  
  • Enables local agencies to respond to their next incident, and volunteer firefighters to return to their regular jobs.  
  • Funding and resources for local and County responsibility fires.  The fire does not have to exceed the capacity of the Fire Department or the County.
  • Includes funding and reimbursement for aviation and handcrew resources during the initial attack phase of fires on non-federal lands.  Ordered resources are based on the Closest Forces concept, whether they are State or Federal agency resources to reduce response times.  
  • Number of fires receiving aviation and hancrew assistance by year: 2020 (52), 2019 (29), and 2018 (75)
  • Additional State Assistance includes support from DFPC Engine, Module, and Overhead resources, as well as technical assistance from DFPC Fire Management staff.  
State Responsibility Fires
  • County requests assistance from DFPC.
  • DFPC and Sheriff conduct an assessment to evaluate if County capacity has been exceeded.
  • DFPC Director approves based on assessment of capacity and availability of funds.
  • If approved for State Responsibility, DFPC assumes cost and management responsibility, along with ongoing involvement from local and County partners.