Fire Management Regions and Staff

DFPC Wildland Fire Regions are divided into 4 Districts with 4 supervisory District Chiefs and 14 regions with 14 Regional Battalion Chiefs. District and Battalion Chiefs assist local agencies with preparedness, planning, training, coordination, and response.

They serve as subject-matter-experts and provide technical assistance to local agencies during wildfire incidents, and fill incident command positions when requested. On large, extended attack fires, DCs and BCs conduct assessments to determine eligibility for State Responsibility and serve as Agency Representatives and Agency Representatives.

State Emergency Line (303) 279-8855

North West District
Assigned Area Name &, Title Email
Northwest District

Sam Parsons, District Chief

Yampa River Region

Derrick Charpentier, Battalion Chief

Colorado River Region

Ryan McCulley, Battalion Chief

Headwaters Region

Tyler Campbell, Battalion Chief

South West District

Assigned Area

Name &, Title


Southwest District

Charles Lanoue, District Chief 

Gunnison River Region

Tanner Hutt, Battalion Chief

Uncompahgre River Region

Luke Odom, Battalion Chief

San Juan River Region

 Logan Davis, Battalion Chief 

South East District
Assigned Area Name &, Title Email
Southeast District

Paul Duarte, District Chief

Pikes Peak Region

Brenda Wasielewski, Battalion Chief

San Luis Valley Region,

Devin Haynie, Battalion Chief

Arkansas River Region

Joe Lobiondo, Battalion Chief
Southern Plains Region

Larry Long, Battalion Chief


North East District
Assigned Area Name &, Title Email
Northeast District

Matt Branch, District Chief

Big Thompson Region

Dan Escobedo, Battalion Chief

Coal Creek Region

Tony Simons, Battalion Chief

Table Mountain Region

Dan Battin, Battalion Chief

South Platte Region

Taylor Triolo, Battalion Chief