Fire and Life Safety

Fire and Life Safety Section

The Fire & Life Safety Section (FLSS) is responsible for ensuring that all Public Schools, Charter Schools, Junior Colleges, State-Licensed Healthcare Facilities, Limited Gaming Facilities, and Waste Tire Facilities are constructed and/or maintained in accordance with the requirements of state statutes, regulations, adopted codes and, in the case of healthcare facilities, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) mandated requirements. 

The Section also works to confirm that all suppression systems in the state are installed by registered professionals, inspected by certified inspectors, and are installed in accordance with the requirements of state statutes, regulations, and adopted codes. Lastly, the Section regulates and licenses persons dealing with fireworks and ensures that the sales of permissible fireworks in Colorado are being conducted in licensed retail facilities that are properly constructed and maintained for this activity. To accomplish this mission, the members of the FLSS perform building, fire, and life safety code plan reviews and inspections, help to develop other building and fire code professionals throughout Colorado by providing inspection and plan review education and training, and regulate licenses and certifications. 

In addition to the above-stated enforcement activities, the Section is responsible for conducting Fire Origin and Cause Investigations when requested by a local jurisdiction and for providing assistance to local jurisdictions to assess the risks in their communities and develop and implement Community Risk Reduction initiatives to aid in reducing identified risks.

Guidance on Important Issues


The Purpose of Our Section

The Fire and Life Safety Section administers the fire, building, and life safety codes adopted by the Division.


The Section is also available to assist local fire and/or building officials with plan review, inspection, or code analysis of non-regulated facilities, at their request.

In addition, the Section is available to assist local fire and/or law enforcement agencies with fire origin and cause investigations at their request.

Organization Chart


Branches that make up our Section

Building Codes

The Building Code Branch is responsible for the construction and inspections of public schools, institute charter schools, charter schools and junior colleges buildings and structures

CRR & Education

Provides support, education and training for fire and building code compliance, inspections and plan reviews.

Fire Investigations

Responsible for determining the origin, cause, and circumstances of fires (structural and wildland) that occur throughout Colorado.


Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Branch is responsible for the construction, inspections and issuance of Certificates of Compliance (CoC) of both Certified and Non-Certified Health facilities licensed by the State of Colorado.  It is also responsible for the inspections of fire and/or life safety permits for schools and any building in which the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has requests the Division to assist.  The FPB is also responsible for school maintenance inspections.













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