Peer Support

group of people helping each other up a hill

Welcome to the DFPC Peer Support Team Page

The DFPC Peer Support was founded so no member of DFPC would have to go through pain or suffering alone. As,a community we have recognized we are stronger when we acknowledge our burdens and face them head-on, together. It takes a lot of courage to reach out for help and now we are here to answer that call.

Our goal is to help facilitate a culture within the fire/EMS service that allows members to make it safe to talk to one another and ask for help when it is needed.

Our purpose is to prevent and/or lessen the potential negative impact of stress on a responder by providing emotional support, information, and assistance when necessary and requested.

Get in contact: If you are a DFPC employee that is interested in talking with a member of the Peer Support Team, you can call our dedicated Peer Support Team line, staffed by a member of the team, at 303-997-2403 or by email at,cdps_dfpc_peersupport@state.co.us.