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Job Performance Requirements (JPR's)

The Job Performance Requirements currently used by the Colorado Division of Fire Safety are based on the level-appropriate National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard. To purchase a copy of a NFPA Standard, please visit the NFPA's web site by clicking this link.

Each JPR will help prepare a firefighting candidate for International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC)  and ProBoard testing.

The new form fillable Practical Check Sheet is posted. 



Live Fire Training Evolutions Fixed Facility Instructor

Emergency Medical Responder

Fire Officer

Fire Officer I, NFPA 2014 Standard

Fire Officer II, NFPA 2014 Standard

Fire Officer III, NFPA 2014 Standard

Fire Officer III Informational Memorandum

Colorado Executive Fire Administrator 

** The Fire Officer Skill Packet Presentation was developed by the Colorado Fire Training Officers Association to assist candidates in completing the Fire Officer Skill Packet.

Please be advised that the review process for Fire Officer Skills Packet may take up to 8 weeks.

(Skill Packets are reviewed by committee members that volunteer their time for this task.)

Upon notification of the successful completion of the Skill Packet, the written examination can be scheduled by your training officer through the Records Management System.

Fire Instructor

Fire Instructor I, NFPA 2012 Standard

Fire Instructor II Skills Packet, NFPA 2012 Standard

Fire Instructor III, Skills Packet, NFPA 2012 Standard

* Live Burn Reminder: The Lead Proctor at the Live Burn Evaluation must be a current certified State of Colorado Fire Instructor I, a state certified proctor, and minimum certified at the State Fire Fighter I level. No exceptions.

*** Reminder for initial Fire Instructor I Written Examination:

- Candidate must provide documentation of successful completion of an approved (instructional methodology) training course within the past three (3) years.

For more information, please see Section 9.8 of the Certification Policy and Procedures Manual