Wildland Fire Logistics Branch


The Wildland Fire Logistics Branch (WFLB) manages and  executes logistics operations focused on the requirements of  the Division of Fire Prevention & Control (DFPC). WFLB  manages two federal excess property programs for the State of Colorado wildland firefighting capability, the Supply Unit truck (part inventory, uniforms, firefighter supply cache, PPE), Communications Unit, Fire Equipment Shop and Fleet Management.   Located in Fort Collins, the WFLB team supports firefighters year-round and across the State of Colorado.


The Wildland Fire Logistics Branch is responsible for five critical service and support units:


Contact Us

Phone: (720) 544-2274 
Physical Address: 3843 W. Laporte Ave. Building #1053 Fort Collins, CO 80521
Mailing Address: 5060 Campus Delivery Building #1053 Fort Collins, CO 80523