Fire Equipment Shop


The WFLB Fire Equipment Shop supports the division by repairing, maintaining and fabricating various types of vehicles and equipment used in DFPC operations.  WFLB mechanics service State Fleet vehicles, ensuring they are fire-ready, and upfit them with various accessories specific to the vehicle.  Pictured below is a DFPC mobile mechanic truck hauling an Incident Management Team support trailer (upper left), and a specialized K9 unit (upper right) outfitted to accommodate the division’s arson investigation dog.

The team of mechanics and welders fabricate fire engines to support rural and wildland firefighting activity via the FEPP program.  Constructed from decommissioned military vehicles, these versatile, cost-effective engines are key to many fire departments across the state to improve firefighting efforts within local government.  Below are before and after pictures illustrating the transformation from reclaimed military chassis to operations-ready engine.  To learn about this program, visit the Federal Excess Property Program page.

WFLB staff also includes a heavy equipment operator who specializes in transporting and hauling large vehicles and other equipment.  Much of the equipment used by the division is obtained through coordination with other state and federal agencies, bringing value to the department by reducing costs.

wflb graphic