Response Resources: Aviation, Ground and Technical Support



Multi Mission Aircraft (MMA)


Colorado DFPC Multi-Mission Aircraft Request Form 

  • The MMA is used to detect new fires when they are small, and provide near real-time intelligence and mapping on established fires.  
  • 2 State-owned, contractor-operated, fixed-wing aircraft, based at Centennial Airport
  • Each MMA is staffed with 2 DFPC firefighters who operate the technology and communicate with incidents
  • The aircraft are available 365 days per year
  • The MMA can be almost anywhere in the State within 45 minutes of launch


Single Engine Air Tanker (SEATs)

  • The SEATs are capable of delivering up to 800 gallons of fire retardant, suppressant, or foam.
  • Aircraft are moved around the State, with locations based on fire potential and activity.
  • DFPC has Exclusive Use (EU) contracts for 2 high-performance SEATs, each for 150 days.
  • DFPC has additional Call-When-Needed (CWN) contracts with 3 SEAT vendors.



  • DFPC has 5 Modules, each with 7-10 Firefighters that support local jurisdictions with initial and extended attack fires across the State on a year-round basis.
  • Modules are used for resource benefits, prescribed fire, and hazard fuel reduction projects.
  • A Module can combine with other DFPC Modules or partner with local agency personnel to form a traditional 20-person handcrew.
  • Modules assist with planning and implementation of prescribed fire and fuels treatment projects.
  • Modules may also assist with search and rescue and other incident types based on training and qualifications.





  • Fire Engines staffed by combinations of DFPC and fire department personnel, available to support local jurisdictions with initial and extended attack.
  • Engine crews can be requested using local procedures and also through Interagency Dispatch Centers.
  • Contact your DFPC Regional Battalion Chief for additional information.


Large Air Tanker (LAT)

  • DFPC currently has a Call-When-Needed contract with for a LAT, capable of delivering up to 3,000 gallons of fire retardant.


Helicopters and Helitack

  • Support wildfire operations through the delivery of water, personnel, and supplies
  • DFPC has Exclusive Use (EU) contracts for 2 high-performance, standard category Type II helicopters
  • Both helicopters have Helitack crews staffed by DFPC firefighters
  • 1 helicopter is qualified and capable of night operations on fires meeting certain criteria and with high values at risk.
  • Both helicopters can assist with non-fire missions, such as Search and Rescue, when requested and available