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Building Safety Month is an international campaign celebrated in May to raise awareness about building safety.
The Fire and Life Safety Section is proud to be a part of this campaign along with the International Code Council.

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Adopted Codes

All work done on public schools, institute charter schools, charter schools and junior colleges that is not considered as maintenance or service will require a permit and adhere to the adopted codes of the Division.

Current Adopted Codes

Standards by Reference

Standards referenced by the adopted codes will be enforced, but when they are applicable, these three standards must be identified in the code analysis/data portion of the construction documents. 

ICC A117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, 2017 Edition

ICC 300 Standards for Bleachers, Folding and Telescopic Seating and Grandstands, 2017 Edition

ICC 500 - ICC/NSSA Standard on Design and Construction of Storm Shelters, 2020 edition

Adopted Codes

Construction Projects


All construction permit applications are processed and completed online, approved drawings and permit card will be provided to the permit owner electronically. For permitting information and access to the online Records Management System (RMS) please see the Permits Section.

Refer to the appropriate checklist below for the documentation required for a complete permit application.

Building Permit Submittal Document Checklist
Small Project Submittal Requirements Checklist

Required Forms

All school construction permits will require the forms below to be submitted:

Fire Code Plan Review

Fee Calculator


Additionally, the forms below may also be required, depending on the nature of the project.

Phased Building Permit Request
Re-Roofing Worksheet

Portable/Modular Building
Notification to DFPC of Hired 3rd Party Inspector

Deferred Submittals

Fire Alarm  - product data sheets, battery calculations, electronic drawings

Fire Sprinkler - product data sheets, battery calculations, electronic drawings

Kitchen Hood - product data sheets & electronic drawings

Underground - product data sheets, electronic drawings, letter from water purveyor indicating where UG fire line begins as a service line and maintained by owner.

Other approved/alternate systems - product data sheets &, electronic drawings

Foundation Permits

An official document issued by the Division, or the Prequalified Building Department, which is limited to authorizing the construction of foundations.

FOUNDATION - Work related to building footings, piers, foundation walls, slabs on grade, under slab and underground building services.

Required Documents for Submittals


Demolition Permits

An official document issued by the Division, or the Prequalified Building Department, which is limited to authorizing the demolition of all or part of a building or structure.

Required Documents for Submittals


Preliminary Meetings
Due to the number of projects in the plan review queue, preliminary meetings have been temporarily suspended. 
Annual Permits

In lieu of an individual permit for each alternation to an already approved mechanical or building installation an Annual Permit may be issued, upon application, to any Board regularly employing one or more Qualified Tradespersons in the building, structure or on the premises owned or operated by the Board. The permit will be valid twelve (12) months from the issuance date and the Board shall notify the Local Fire Department and/or Prequalified Building Department when work is being done. An Annual Permit Work Log will be kept of all such work.

To apply for an Annual Schools Permit you will need to submit an online permit application and include a completed and signed Qualified Tradesperson Application for each person identified on your permit app which can be uploaded into BOX upon submission of your permit. 

Pre-Qualified Building Department Information


List of Pre-Qualified Building Departments

Local building departments may apply to be a Pre-Qualified Building Department if the employed Plan Reviewers and Inspectors have the required nationally recognized certifications or the necessary education, training and experience, per 8 CCR 1507-101, Section 4.1.2.

To apply to become a Pre-Qualified Building Department, please review these Instructions and complete and sign the following forms:

Pre-Qualified Building Department Application
Individual Applicant Information Form (one for each employee)

Once complete, submit via email to: Use the subject line, “Pre-qualified Building Department Application”.

 To notify DFPC that you have selected to use a Pre-Qualified Building Department, please complete and submit the online form, Notification of Delegation to a Pre-Qualified Building Department.  You will be notified via email at the address provided, when it has been accepted.


Approved Third Party and Special Inspectors

All Third Party and Special Inspectors shall be identified prior to the start of construction. The Building Code Branch will not issue a permit until these are received and vetted by DFPC.

Lists of all current Third Party and Special Inspectors can be found on the Fire & Life Safety Section Certifications and Registrations page.

  Payment Information

Last Updated: 5/3/2022