Permit Applications

The following outlines the permitting process and the steps for permit approval. You will receive email notification every time your permit application status changes.

If your local jurisdiction has requested that DFPC perform the plan review and/or inspections for your project, you will need an Advanced Technical Services Agreement.

Email contact: PermitTech@state.co.us


1 - Create an account in RMS
(Records Management System a.k.a Salesforce)

This account is to create and submit permit application(s). The applicant is responsible for the permit application in its entirety. This includes document uploads including deferred/revised submittals, payment* and inspections. You may add site contact(s) such as a General Contractor, Owner’s Rep., etc. to the application to be able to submit inspection requests, however, site contact(s) will not be able to log into the permit application. We strongly advise not to share your RMS login credentials.
Please check junk/spam folders as emails might end up there and you do not want to miss an important notification regarding your permit(s)!

Permit portal account users that already have an account please click herehttps://cdps.my.site.com/DFPCInspections enter your email address and password. We highly recommend that you do not share login credentials or apply for a permit application on someone's behalf as permit applicants are solely responsible for the permit application. 

2 - Create a new permit application

After you have confirmed your RMS account and set your password, log into RMS enter your username, which is your email address and your password. Go to MY ITEMS top left and click on the tab ‘Create Permit Application’. Enter information on the application that have a red vertical line next to a field. Tab 5 of the application you will have the choice to either ‘submit application now’ or if you need to wait to complete the application select ‘complete application later’ this selection does not mean your application is submitted and it will not generate a permit invoice.

The FEE CALCULATOR will assist you in calculating estimated permit fee. Permit fee includes plan review and the allotted inspection(s) for your project.

You will receive a submission email with important instructions, as Step 3 is crucial in order to upload documents.

3 - Uploading Documents to BOX™

BOX™ is the platform our applicants will use to upload supporting permit documents please refer to Step 2. BOX™ is a separate from the permit portal and you cannot upload documents until your permit application is in the submitted status. Make sure the email address you use to log into your BOX™ account is consistent with the same email address you use to log into the permit portal. Please do not email permit documents please utilize BOX™.

4 - *Paying 50% permit fee Locate the permit invoice# in the permit application, click on it to view the invoice detail page. Then click on the payment link located after the sentence "Click HERE to Pay Online", this will redirect to the State Payment Portal. IF another entity/person needs to pay for the permit, please contact the Permit Technician for assistance.

5 – Requirements for an application to be placed into the queue

There are three (3) requirements for the permit application to proceed into the plan review queue:

1. Application in the submitted status

2. 50% estimated fee paid, please only pay 50% to avoid refund as fee needs to be verified (permit fee covers plan review and the number of inspections allotted for your project)

3. Documents uploaded to BOX™.

6 - Submission Incomplete - In Plan Review Status

Application is missing one or more of the requirements listed in step 5. You will receive a system-automated email regarding missing item(s).

7 – Submission Complete - In Plan Review Status

The application has met the 3 requirements (Step 5). Due to the volume of permit applications that our office receives and processes, we urge you utilize the permit portal to view status. Note: Depending on current workload, queue times may vary due to complexity and overall size of previously submitted projects, log into the permit portal to view status.

8 - Permit Issued Status



Plan review is completed and permit issued. The applicant receives notification of permit status and receives an invite to BOX™ to the file titled ‘Approved & Final Folder’.

9 - Permit Card

Due to a recent procedure change, permit pickup is no longer available. The permit card will be mailed to the applicant, however, in cases where the permit card needs to be mailed elsewhere, a Shipping Request Form needs to completed by the applicant or a site contact listed on the permit application.

10 - Inspections The permit card and approved documents MUST be the job site prior to any inspection date. If approved drawings and permit card are not onsite, the Inspection(s) will be cancelled and a re-inspection fee will apply. Inspection(s) are requested via the DFPC website or by clicking this link: https://dfpc.colorado.gov/inspections

  Payment Information


Last updated: 3/9/2023