State Fitter Exam

Lakewood ONLY - 710 Kipling St., 2nd Flr Conference Rm, Lakewood, CO 80215 

Email contact: suppression@state.co.us

Exam sign-up/results contact: cdps_dfs_certification@state.co.us

According to 8 CCR 1507-11 State Sprinkler Fitter applicants must pass a Division approved examination that encompasses the Division's currently adopted codes . In addition to test offered by the Division, the following examinations are approved for compliance with the examination requirement:

1. UA STAR Fire Sprinklerfitting Mastery Exam
2. CSA Sprinkler Commercial On-site Competent Person Exam (ASCR2)
3. City of Denver’s Fire Sprinkler Systems Installer Examination 

  • Both the UA STAR and Denver Exam do not encompass the most recent codes. DFPC is offering a one (1) years exemption for RENEWALS ONLY on Exam requirements.  Renewal registrations for 2022 do not need to meet the rule requirements.
  • The following will be accepted:
    • A valid (unexpired) CSA or UA STAR Exam.
    • Denver Exam's from 2021 or 2022
      • Per 8 CCR 1507-11 5.2.7 exams taken to comply with another jurisdiction's registration requirements may be accepted by the Division if the exam is taken within 1 year of the the application date

Do not wait to take an exam that will be accepted in 2023! 
It will be your responsibility to ensure that IF you decide to take the UA STAR or Denver Exam, it encompasses the current codes and will be accepted.

State Fitter Exam Information:

    • 85 questions
    • Passing score is 70% (you must answer 60 questions correctly)
    • 2.5 hours long, please arrive 15-minutes prior to your scheduled exam for check-in.
      • Breaks will not be given during the duration of the test so please plan accordingly. 
    • Make sure to bring a valid Photo ID with you
    • Cost of Exam is $30.00 and can be paid online after registration
      • Payments must be made in advance prior to testing.
      • Neither cash nor checks will be accepted the morning of the exam by the Proctor.
  • Testing locations:
  • The Exam is open book, please bring and use code books (printed versions of the code books will not be allowed) for any of the current codes adopted by State
    • 2019 NFPA 13
    • 2019 NFPA 13D
    • 2019 NFPA 13R
    • 2019 NFPA 14
    • 2019 NFPA 20
    • 2018 NFPA 22
    • 2019 NFPA 24
    • 2020 NFPA 25
    • 8 CCR 1507-11 (DFPC will provide this at the time of exam)
  • Phones or other electronic devices will not be allowed in the room while the exam is being conducted. 
  • Exam dates can be located on the calendar below

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Last Updated: 11/16/2022