Special Inspectors

Special Inspectors (not the same as Third Party Inspectors) must submit their resume to be approved by the Division - Building Official when special inspections are necessary for completion of a project. In most cases, your DFPC Plan Reviewer will advise permit applicants of this need and pass necessary information on to the Building Official.

Email contact: cdps_dfpc_construction@state.co.us

Approved Special Inspectors

Resume Requirements
  • List agency you are approved to work for
  • List work you are qualified to perform
  • List what experience you have performing qualifying work
  • List what training you have had in qualifying work
Qualifying Work
  • Steel (reinforcement & weld)
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Wood
  • Solis
  • Foundation (Driven, Cast in Place, Helical Pile)
  • Fabricated items
  • Wind resistance
  • Seismic (Resistance &, Testing)
  • Spray Fire-Resistance Material
  • Mastic & Intumescent Coating
  • Fire Penetration & Joints
  • Smoke Control Test
  • Bolting
Fees and Expiration

There is no fee to become a Special Inspector

Special Inspector Certification has no expiration date

Submittal Information

The Building Official can be contacted through email at CDPS_DFPC_construction@state.co.us or by phone at 303-239-4102.


Last Updated: 3/31/2021