Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT)

The Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) is owned and operated by Co-Fire Aviation based out of Fort Morgan Colorado and are contracted with the state for 150 days each, per the 5 year contract. There will be one located in Fort Collins and one in Rifle as primary home base locations but the aircraft can be moved anywhere in the state for prepositioning or for initial attack on any fire where they are needed.These aircraft are AT-802F models and have Pratt &, Whitney PT6A-67F engines with an added performance component that affords them to carry 800 gallons of retardant, water or suppressants with full performance capability up to 8,000 feet mean sea level and 33 degrees Celsius.,

Additional facts:

  • They are some of the lightest aircraft in the SEAT market with the highest performance and capability.
  • The aircraft have wirestrike protection kits installed which is an additional safety enhancement if the aircraft we\'re unfortunate enough to fly through power lines.
  • A pilot seat belt airbag is installed on both aircraft.
  • "Smokers" or the capability to pop a puff of smoke will be used to ensure the location of the drop is confirmed by ground forces or aerial supervision.
  • A Radar altimeter is also on these aircraft which allows the pilot to know altitude and distance above ground at a glance in smokey conditions.
  • These aircraft have been installed with fuel tanks that allows them to fly for more than 4 hours with full performance capabilities.
  • And finally, these aircraft have been outfitted with a cockpit window that are more impact resilient.