Complaint/Violation Reporting

The Division encourages the reporting of any violation of Colorado’s Statues or Rules for the following:

Program Rules
Fire Suppression 8 CCR 1507-11
Fire Code Inspectors 8 CCR 1507-101
Fireworks 8 CCR 1507-12
School Construction 8 CCR 1507-30
Health Facilities 8 CCR 1507-31
Fire Safe Cigarettes 8 CCR 1507-52
Waste Tire Facilities 8 CCR 1507-53
Limited Gaming Facilities 8 CCR 1507-57

Online violation reporting is the most efficient way to guarantee all necessary information is submitted. Any supporting documentation you may have regarding the violation such as photos or emails can be uploaded along with your form.   

Violation Reporting Form

Although anonymous violation reporting is accepted, we encourage you to provide your contact information to help us thoroughly address the matter.  If we do not have enough information, the Division may have to drop the violation or deem it unfounded if we cannot contact you for further information.

Reporting Process

After submittal of your violation report the following will occur:

  • The submittal will be reviewed to determine whether a violation of a Statute or Rule may have occurred.
  • If the submittal indicates a probable violation, it will be processed.


Last updated: 2/10/2021