Certificates of Compliance

Healthcare Facilities will receive invoices yearly for Fire and Life Safety Certificate of Compliance Inspection Fees according to 8 CCR 1507-31 13.3 in the amount of $500.00. Please review the Rules using the link below or you can email the Division if you have questions at cdps_dfpc_coc@state.co.us.
Health Facility Rules (8 CCR 1507-31)

All Facilities will need to submit a Certificate of Compliance Request through our form that can be found here:

  Certificate of Compliance Request Form

General Information

Certificates of Compliance (COC) are not provided to the Business Entity, it serves as an internal document between the Division and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). Once that document is received by CDPHE, it will then be added to your licensing application package as part of the required documentation in obtaining your license.

Inspection Information

CMS Certified Facilities: DFPC performs Life Safety inspections for all CMS Certified Facilities, please submit a CoC Request. If your facility has corrected deficiencies you will be able to submit them through the request form.

Medicaid Certified Assisted Living Facilities - DFPC performs Life Safety inspections for all Medicaid Certified Assisted Living Facilities. Please submit a CoC Request. If your facility has corrected deficiencies you will be able to submit them through the request form.

Non-Certified Facilities: The local fire department performs Life Safety Inspections for all Non-Certified Facilities. You will need to submit your most recent inspection report through the request form.

Inspection Deficiencies (Violations)

Any facility with deficiencies MUST correct them prior to any COC being issued.

CMS Certified and Medicaid ALR Facilities: If deficiencies exist for a state COC survey (inspection) they shall be corrected within ninety (90) days of the inspection and a re-inspection will be necessary to demonstrate compliance. Corrections should be sent directly to the inspector whose contact information can be found on the inspection form. 

Private Pay Facilities: The local Fire Department needs to provide an updated inspection report to the facility showing no deficiencies. 

COCs After Construction

COCs are generated after completion of a construction project or maintenance inspection/Life Safety Survey in which no deficiencies exist.

Facility Licensure with CDPHE

DFPC and CDPHE do not share processes and procedures for licensure.  Once you have requested your CoC and it has been provided to CDPHE you will have to complete your licensure with them. 

If you have yet to apply for licensure you can do so through CDPHE: apply for licensure


Last Updated: 2/16/2021