Building Safety Month

Colorado’s State Fire Agency joins International Code Council for the Celebration of Building Safety Month 2023

President Biden - Building Safety Month Proclamation

Governor Polis - Building Safety Month Proclamation

In May 2023, the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) will participate in the 43rd annual Building Safety Month, a worldwide campaign presented by the International Code Council, its members and partners to promote building safety. This year’s campaign, “Building Safety Is...Personal, Local and Global"

Homes and buildings that are built in compliance with building safety codes and the officials who enforce the codes are essential to helping communities become affordable, resilient, and energy and water-efficient. 

“Building Safety Month provides homeowners, government officials, and the public with the necessary information and resources to prepare and protect our built environment,” said DFPCs Fire and Life Safety Section Chief. 

The educational and interactive campaign raises awareness about the importance of building codes in ensuring safety in the spaces in which we live, work, and learn. Each year, the Code Council, its members, and industry professionals from all areas of the design and construction industry highlight building safety through proclamations, informational events, legislative briefings, and more.

This year’s campaign themes are:

Week 1 (May 1-7): Building Safety Starts at Home
Week 2 (May 8-14): Building Safety Professionals and You
Week 3
 (May 15-21): Prepare Your Community
Week 4 (May 22-28): Advocate for Your Community
Week 5 (May 29-31): Solving Challenges Together

Week 1

Building Safety Starts At Home

10 Fire Safety Tips

Alarm Safety Tips

Exit Safety Tips

Electricity Safety Tips

10 Tips for Energy Efficient Homes

10 Tips for Conserving Water at Home

Week 2

Building Safety Professionals and You

CCICC Women in Construction

Building Inspector Role

Careers in Building Safety

Value of the Code Official

Code Officials: Building Safety Today For a Stronger Tomorrow

Arvada Building Professional Mentors and Inspires Industry Professionals

Week 3

Prepare Your Community

Resilience in the Building Codes

The Case for Adopting Building Codes

How Strong is Your Building Code?

10 Tips for Disaster Safety

Disaster Prep Brochure

Are You Ready?

12 Ways to Prepare

Mitigation for Homeowners

Tornado Safety and Recovery

Flood Safety and Recovery

Winter Safety Resources

Week 4

Advocate For Your Community

Activity Book

Building Safety in Your Home Checklist

Lesson Plans

Career Step-by-Step Guide

Military Families Career Path Program

Careers in Building Safety

Week 5

Solving Challenges Together

10 Tips for Conserving Water at Home

ICC Water: Standards for a Resilient Future

Water Conservation & Efficiency Toolkit

Global Building Resilience Guidelines

Findings on Changing Risk and Building Codes

Leading the Way to Energy Efficiency

COP27 Presentation: Aligning Clean Energy Goals and Building Codes

What is Off-Site Construction?

Updated: 5/25/2023