2022 Fire Service Needs Assessment Survey


Welcome to the 2022 Fire Service Needs Assessment Survey. 

Colorado law requires the Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) to conduct a fire service needs assessment at least every other year.  The purpose of this Fire Service Needs Assessment Survey is to collect, compile and prepare a report on the needs of Colorado’s fire service.  It is extremely important for your fire department to participate in this survey.  One of the primary purposes of this needs assessment is to support future funding requests for the Firefighters Safety and Disease Prevention Grant (FFSDPG) as well as to document fire department training needs. 

House Bill 22-1194, currently awaiting the Governor’s signature, will provide $5 million in one-time direct distribution funding for the FFSDPG.  Your response to this survey will assist DFPC and the FFSDPG Advisory Board in prioritizing needs and developing a process to distribute the funds.  A separate bill (Senate Bill 22-002) currently working its way through the legislature could provide $4 million a year for the next 10 years into FFSDPG.  Without your input, we will not have the data necessary to show the critical needs facing Colorado’s Fire Service!  The data will assist with decisions on priorities, not only for grant funding, but also for state training programs. 

The estimated time needed to complete this survey is 30 - 40 minutes. We ask that each department complete only one survey.   

Due to the importance of this survey, we are utilizing multiple databases for survey distribution.  As a result, you may receive an invitation to complete the survey multiple times; we apologize for any inconvenience that may cause you or your department.  

DFPC’s Regional Training Officers will assist with collecting survey results.  You may receive a call or email from one of the RTOs to check on your progress and to assist you with completing the survey.  

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For more information or for assistance with the survey, please contact:

Lisa Pine, CO Fire Commission Administrator: 303-239-5879 | lisa.pine@state.co.us

Beau Edic, Unit Chief of Training: 303-519-2242 | Beau.edic@state.co.us

Don Distefano, SE Regional Training Officer: 719-368-9558 | Don.distefano@state.co.us

Tom Henderson, Western Slope Regional Training Officer: 303-514-8055 | tom.henderson@state.co.us

Josh Matheny, NE Regional Training Officer: 970-623-5412 | Josh.matheny@state.co.us

Jesse Carlson: jesse.carlson@state.co.us