News Release: Report on Colorado Fire Service Needs Assessment Released

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Report on Colorado Fire Service Needs Assessment Released

Contact: Caley Pruitt, DFPC Public Information Officer, caley.pruitt@state.co.us

Lakewood, CO- The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) recently completed its biennial fire service needs assessment. Conducted from March, 2022 through the end of September, 2022, the intention of the project was to complete a census of all fire departments of the state. This includes fire departments staffed by career personnel, volunteers, or departments that are combinations of the two. This report provides the results of that data collection effort. Click here to view the report.

The purpose of this Needs Assessment Evaluation is to provide the DFPC with a comprehensive account of current resource capacity and training needs of the fire departments across the State of Colorado. Over 70% of fire departments in the state participated; 239 of 340 departments that were determined to be eligible to report resource information and training needs for this survey.

“We will use the information to help develop strategies to address the needs of Colorado’s Fire Service,” said DFPC Director Morgan, “this is an effort that will take more than DFPC, it will take the creativity, the skills, and the efforts of everyone engaged in or served by the Colorado Fire Service.”


Click here to read the full report