Suppression Systems

The Division of Fire Prevention and Control will act as the fire code official and require construction permits when the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) is either unable or unwilling to perform the review based on 2015 IFC Section 105.7.1 through 105.7.18.

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Fire Suppression Program Rules (8 CCR 1507-11)

Advanced Technical Services Agreement

A sign off from the local AHJ will be required on any project that includes:

Location of fire lanes Security gates across fire apparatus access roads


In accordance with Section 501.3 unless the AHJ submits an ATSA (Advanced Technical Services Agreement)

  • Fire hydrant systems
Adopted Codes

IFC International Fire Code 2015 Edition

Construction Projects

All construction permit applications are processed and completed online, approved drawings will be provided to the permit owner electronically and permit cards will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail at the time of project approval. For permitting information and access to the online Records Management System (RMS) please see the Permits Section.

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Last Updated: 2/16/2021