Where do I upload plans?

  • Construction documents and/or plans are uploaded through Box and not directly into the RMS system.  Once your permit is in the "submitted" status you will receive and invitation to upload. 

How do I pay for my permit?

  • Once the estimated fees submitted with your application are verified, you will receive an email containing a payment link to pay the required 50% fee from our Permit Technician.

Can I pay the full permit fees due at the time of submittal?

  • We ask that you only pay 50% of the fees until the fees have been verified to avoid overpayment of fees resulting in refunds.

How can I check the status of my permit application?

  • You can check your permit status by logging into the RMS Community.  You will be able to tell if your submission requires more information, is in the plan review queue or even if it is in plan review. 

How do I upload deferred documents to my permit application?

  • Deferred documents should be uploaded into Box.

Why does my status say "new" and what does that mean?

  • Permits in "new" status mean that the permit application has not been completed.  These could be duplicate applications that may have been created inadvertently or you may need additional information in order to complete the application.  Emails can be sent to cdps_dfpc_permits_admin@state.co.us if you need help with a submittal. 

I made a payment but it is not showing up online.

  • Payments are processed manually twice daily, please allow up to 24 hours for your payment to be posted. 

How long will it take to get a project through plan review and approved?

  • Plan review differs depending on program and the time of year you submit.  Review times are typically several weeks so please plan your projects accordingly. 

What if I need to make edits to a submitted permit application?

  • Once the application has been submitted you cannot edit, however, you can email us at cdps_dfpc_permits_admin@state.co.us and provide the information we can edit it for you. 
Permit Card

How do I get my permit card sent to me?

  • Permit cards are shipped via USPS Priority Mail to the address we have on file for the permit owner approximately 72 hours after the permit is issued.  If you need a permit card sent to a different address please use our Shipping Request Form

Please note that only the permit owner or a listed site contact can request and/or receive the permit card.


How do I schedule an inspection?

How long does it take to get an inspection?

  • For health/suppression - inspections must be requested by NOON the Thursday prior to the week of your inspection request date and are generally assigned on the following Monday (depending on inspector availability).
  • School Construction - inspections should be schedule at least 5 business days in advance and are are assigned based on inspector availability. 
Certifications and Registrations

I never received a registration/certification card, how do I get a copy?

  • Check your spam folder for your registration/certification; you may have either received your reg/cert or a notification that you were missing information.  If you are still not able to locate a copy please send an email to cdps_dfpc_suppression@state.co.us

What are the requirements for renewal?

  • All renewal information is available on our website under the specific program for which you are applying. 

I need CEUs, do you have resources available?

Certificates of Compliance

How do I obtain a COC for my facility?

  • COCs are not provided to the facility, it is an internal document between DFPC and CDPHE.  If your CoC has or is about to expire, please fill out our CoC Request Form.

Who do I submit violation corrections to for an inspection?

  • Corrections should be submitted directly to your inspector, their contact information is on your inspection form.  If you are unable to locate contact information please email us at cdps_dfpc_health@state.co.us, make sure to include the address of your facility including the zip code.