Colorado Fire Commission Annual Report, 2021

2021 Colorado Fire Commission Annual Report Published


Caley Pruitt |

Lakewood, CO- The Colorado Fire Commission (Commission), established in 2019, recently published its second yearly report, accessible at

The charge of the Commission is to evaluate how Colorado manages fire and its consequences. They do this by bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to develop broadly supported recommendations. 

“Colorado’s fire risk continues to escalate and become more complex for a multitude of reasons,” said Mike Morgan, Director of the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control.  “The Commission’s objective is to evaluate ways to best reduce the loss of life, property, economic impacts, and other adverse effects resulting from fire incidents by searching for ways to better prevent, prepare for, and respond to these events in the future.”

In its second year, the Commission expanded its work to address high-risk hazards, the Wildland Urban Interface, and firefighter training and certification, while never losing sight of its original recommendations, ensuring the 2020 recommendations were communicated to appropriate stakeholders and supported by the Legislature where necessary.

We invite you to download and review the Annual Report at to learn more.